The EnlightenNext Board of Trustees in the UK

Patrick Bryson is an accomplished artist who has exhibited in London and Internationally. He currently works on a freelance basis for major design and branding agencies in London. Patrick has thirty-five years knowledge in various spiritual and meditation paths and practices and is an experienced meditation teacher.

Steve Jackson is an English language teacher in adult education and runs an annual summer school for teenage students. He is a published children’s author and illustrator and has a lifelong interest in progressive spiritual practice.

Tabrez Niazi is the owner and director of a long-standing and successful engineering recruitment company. He brings wide business experience and has a civil engineering background. He has a deep interest in development of the human spirit and especially in how people can develop the practical skills and processes to enable positive impact in the world.

Chris Parish, co-founder of EnlightenNext UK, has over forty years active involvement in the field of progressive spirituality and related educational work. He has a special interest in British culture, writing on its development, and has a long-standing interest in enlightening communication.

Dave Pendle is a trainer, educator and consultant working within the youth homelessness and housing sectors with twenty years experience in the field. A committed spiritual explorer, Dave is most interested in the intersection of science, faith and philosophy, and their relationship to spiritual development. He recently completed his MA dissertation on the phenomenology of leadership development.

Secretary of Board, Willa Geertsema works as a charity finance and governance expert in London, currently employed by UWC International. With a rich background in various fields, she has studied developmental psychology with Robert Kegan, Integral Theory with Ken Wilber, and has many years of experience in spiritual studies.